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When Can I Retire and When Do I take Social Security?

These are the Questions We Help Answer Everyday.

What is Wealth Distribution?

Wealth distribution is how we spend what we’ve spent our entire working lives building. Just as we encourage our clients to have a plan for success when it comes to accumulating  their wealth, so should we encourage a plan as they are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

We know there are market characteristics that we look forward to which can benefit our clients in the "Wealth Accumulation" phase of life can be detrimental during the "Wealth Distribution" phase.

That is why we have different strategies, goals and metrics for these very different times of the wealth cycle.

Retired life should be the celebration of the prudent planning, investing and saving we have done during our working life. At Sound Harbor Wealth Partners, we see it as a very important part of your overall Wealth Management Plan.  

When Can I Retire?

We are constantly reviewing, updating and refining our clients' Wealth Management Plans so that question answers itself. We try to accurately forecast what "being retired" looks like to each client and plan accordingly. In this way we aren't guessing when our clients can retire, their plan shows them when together, we have done what needs to be done to give them a great chance of success in transitioning from work to retirement.     

We want you to know what your retirement will look like financially before you get there, but also, as you are enjoying it. That is why we continue to manager your plan long after you've retired.

We want to continue to help you feel comfortable in the retirement you've chosen and help steer you in the direction that  leads to the goals you have yet to meet.  

Wondering When to Take Social Security? The Answer Isn't the Same For Everyone

When Should I take Social Security?

We hear too often everyone from television pundits to friends and family members espouse very concrete theories when it comes to answering the question of when everyone should take Social Security Benefits.

They are all wrong.

As bold as a statement as that is, it is the truth. There is no ONE SINGLE age that, despite any rational, is "right" age for everyone to take Social Security Benefits.   

We help our clients answer this question on a case by case basis. We look at the whole picture and discuss how taking Social Security Benefits at different ages impacts each situation from many different angles. We discuss how it will impact your overall picture to find the optimal age at which you should begin taking benefits,  not just what your monthly check will be.

The impact of the decision could have a dramatic impact on the money you have in retirement.

If you would like to sit down and discuss at what age you should take Social Security Benefits, we would love to have that conversation with you.

The answer may not be what you think.