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Why You Deserve Sound Harbor Wealth Partners

At Sound Harbor Wealth Partners we take every client relationship very seriously.

Our process is a very in-depth and comprehensively thorough approach. As a result, we must ensure that each client that comes to us for help is a good fit for this type of environment. Similarly to the way many people interview different advisors before making a decision, we can only accept new clients that we feel are a good fit for the Sound Harbor family.

We rely heavily on recommendations from current clients to introduce us to our new clients but we will also take on new clients that we feel confident will benefit from our overall approach.

We specialize in working with clients who are medical, legal or business professionals, business owners and executives, clients with complex tax, estate and/or financial issues as well as successfully retired clients.

Sound Harbor Wealth Partners is best suited for-

  • Discerning clients who expect extraordinary personal service
  • Clients in need of a comprehensive plan for wealth management, preservation of assets and wealth distribution
  • Young professional clients in need of a strategy to manage their impending success
  • Clients that realize there is a difference between recommending a few investments and creating a total financial strategy
  • Clients who have “outgrown” their current advisor or strategy
  • Clients that appreciate a team of professionals capable of handling all aspects of their financial life
  • Clients that enjoy a conservative, family, professional atmosphere

If you would like to meet the Sound Harbor Wealth Partners team, please call us at 910-399-7765 or email us at to schedule an exploratory meeting