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<b>What is Wealth Accumulation?</b>

What is Wealth Accumulation?

Wealth accumulation includes all the things we do to save for our future goals like college education, retirement, travel and estate distribution, for example.

At Sound Harbor Wealth Partners, we have long, in-depth and on-going conversations with our clients to decide exactly what this should look like. We understand it is important to save for the future but, we believe, that life must be lived in the present as well. We want to help our clients find a comfortable balance between enjoying what they have today without sacrificing their goals of their golden years.

To this end, we offer a complimentary Wealth Management Plan to our clients. The Wealth Management Plan is an ever evolving electronic plan that tracks goals and the process being made towards those goals as well as the probability of success the current strategy has of achieving those goals. Updating and monitoring this plan allows us to predict with confidence that our clients are budgeting and saving appropriately without sacrificing today’s pleasures. We can also see how large purchases or lifestyle changes impact the overall plan so we can help our clients make informed decisions as we navigate the choices life throws at us all.