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From saving for your next move, navigating ERISA policies or choosing an appropriate Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan to reward your valued employees- at Sound Harbor Wealth Partners, we work with our business owner clients to help shoulder the burdens that come from being your own boss. 

As a business owner you have chosen the path less travelled and chosen to create your own destiny instead of having it chosen for you.

You are a person of action. 

As a person of action, you deserve financial partners who will take your business, hard work and sacrifice as seriously as you do. 

At Sound Harbor Wealth Partners, our team is available when you need us. You don't only work 9 to 5 and sometimes you can only work when others aren't. We will go above and beyond to accommodate your needs and your schedule. 

Give us a call and talk to us about how we can best serve you and help meet your needs. Whether you have been in business for 50 years or just getting started, we are confident we can rise to meet you or grow with you in a way that will have you know you have a partner in Sound Harbor Wealth Partners. 

Business Owners are the Lifeblood of our Community and Our Country

Women Entrepreneurs - A Trend in the Right Direction

Women Entrepreneurs - A Trend in the Right Direction

Women have made remarkable progress in the workplace, but they still face a variety of obstacles in terms of opportunities for career advancement. Thus, entrepreneurship has become a very viable option for women.

As we strive for equality and diversity in every aspect of the business, government and social landscape, it is undeniable that there is a growing trend of women smashing through, what we hope, is the "glass ceiling" of a bygone era. From  topping traditional "Blue Chip" companies it is clear that there are more than a few powerful executives who are shining as blazing examples for all to follow toward a future where the only boundary to the C-Level conference room is talent and work ethic. 

We are proud to represent business owners. We can help you as you steer your ship to deeper waters. At Sound Harbor Wealth Partners we celebrate everyone's ambition and success and welcome the challenges your growth provides. 

Contact us to see how we can help share the burden of running your business. 

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